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Project-Level Teams

Work with teams on your project. This way you simplify your workflow and interactions.



One place to display key project news for you and your team.


Add new projects to your collaborative workspace and start working with your project team.

Project Members/People

Manage project members and improve collaboration using the members directory.

Project Tags

Group projects into specific categories with tags, and filters to quickly find the exact project you need.

Files & Documents

Store and manage various file types in a unified repository. Tag, lock and search for assets, download them for offline use.

Messages Lists

View lists, posts, statistics, drag-and-drop file attachments. Group categories and threads for easy communication.

Role Management

Create and manage users’ roles within projects. Add a whole new team communication level with advanced privacy features.


Create, assign and track tasks in TeamSpace as easy as possible! It’s easy to keep your team’s momentum going when everything is listed and easy to access.

Links / Bookmarks

Easily bookmark in the platform the URLs you need and share them to individuals or to a group of users.


Users can manage and set up notifications for followed items. TeamSpace modules are sending notification to users to keep everybody up to date.


Keep track of upcoming meetings, deadlines and milestones. Events can be shared across communities and reminders can be set up through email, notifications or SMS (if Integration is enabled).


Capture project know how using wiki with versioning capabilities, easy editing, drag-and-drop support for page creation, page history and reversion, realtime updates.



Core communication is represented by messages. View lists, posts, statistics, drag-and-drop file attachments. Group categories and threads for an easy communication.


For each channel group a dedicated email address is attached. This way you can send an email to specified groups with just a click. Organize your messages to make it easier for your team to follow the important ones and find them later.


Select who from the team members can view, send, and receive messages from a specific channel. Select a group or individuals or combine them with a personalized rights: View / Update. Endless combinations for your teams!


Each user can decide to receive or not email notifications from a specific channel/thread. Subscribe or un-subscribe with just a click.

One Place for All Messages

Email replies to messages are directly imported into Team Space messages. This is a very useful feature since it allows users to interact via email messages without needing to log in to Team Space and view the message board page directly.

Splitting Threads

Sometimes a thread will go on for a while and the discussion completely changes into something else. Split the thread where the discussion diverges and create a whole new thread for the new topic. Simple!

Mentioning Users

Have you ever wanted to include another user in a discussion? Using the Messages feature, when you mention a user, the user receives a site notification next to the user’s profile icon and an email, alerting the user with a link to the content.


Using a SharePoint repository

Lets users access SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 libraries from Team Space Documents Library. It use for SharePoint uses Azure ACS with OAuth 2 for SharePoint server authorization

Linking to Google Drive ™

This feature lets you access your Google files from the Document Library.

Integrating with Facebook

Tools for integrating your Team Space and its content with Facebook. Use Facebook for authentication and even export widgets as Facebook applications.

Project Knowledge

Working Together with the Wiki

  • Creates wiki for each project from your tSpace
  • Creates and edit wikis in WikiCreole syntax
  • Attaches files to wiki articles
  • Associates wiki articles with other assets in the Team Space
  • And more.

Project Level

A Wiki lets you work together as a group on a document. Instead of e-mailing versions of documents around, you can simply use the wiki to edit the document.


You can create a workflow that requires an administrator’s approval to publish a wiki page modification (add, update, or delete).


All changes are logged, and you can go back to a previous version of the document at any time. If you don’t agree with the change that someone made to a document, or you simply made a mistake, just edit the document, and select a previously saved version.


Files & Documents

Store and manage various file types in a unified repository. Tag, lock and search for assets, download them for offline use.

Documents accessibility

Access documents from your browser, access them from your native file browser and use Sync to access them from your tablet or mobile device.

File Version

Check-out the document – user who check-out can check-in changes to the file. Checking in a file produces a new file version.

Desktop Access

Access documents from your computer’s file manager via WebDAV it allows you to create, edit, move, or delete files stored on web servers. Is supported by most major operating systems and desktop environments, including Linux (both KDE and GNOME), Mac OS, and Windows.

Flexible document permission

Access documents in edit, review, comment-only, form fill-out, or view modes/restrict copy, download. Public sharing is also possible.

Co-Edit Mode

Co-author documents: (1) Fast: display all changes right after input, or (2) Strict: see co-authors’ changes only when they save them.

Document Comments

Leave comments for co-authors, communicate in real-time using the built-in chat.


Know when

It’s really a tool for storing and sharing scheduled events.

For you and for your team

It’s a personal planner for individual users, a shared calendar for an entire team, or both at the same time.


Whenever a calendar event is added or updated, a corresponding notification is created.



Define common interest and assign users. That it, fast and clear.


Roles collect permissions, and users are assigned to roles, directly association with a User Group.

Collect it

Never thought about collecting URLs, you can collect then and share with your project team, easily.

Internal & external pages

Both internal pages, as well as external sites can be bookmarked.

Manage your links

Bookmarks can be organized in folders nested to unlimited levels and is suitable for any number of users.

To Do


It helps team members to do their jobs in effective and efficient ways. Specify a title, description, and due date, allocate to you or another team member.

To dos

Divide tasks into task groups, tasks, or to-dos for specific purposes.


Track tasks as: Past due, Due today, Due tomorrow, and Future. Add to calendar and setup remainders. At the end mark it as completed.

Advanced Options

Public Web Pages – CMS

A modern WYSIWYG editor with a context-aware toolbar that stays out of the way until it is needed. Live, as-you-type preview of your HTML content.

Online Document Preview

A simple way to identify the content of a document with a preview, including here images, videos, audio clips.



Compatible with LDAP, SAML, OAuth, OpenSSO/OpenAM, Facebook Login, CAS and OpenID Connect.


Enable an extra layer of security – make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are.

Custom Domain with SSL

Define you own custom web domain and install your own SSL.


Standard support for the electronic account and TeamSpace public forum.

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