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Alumni | Homeowners | Law | Library | Writing Public Health | Psychologists

Non Profits

Business Organizations | Chambers of Commerce | Churches | Community Services Networking Groups | Swim | Tennis


Fitness | Garden | Motorcycle | Sailing | Swim Tennis….and many more.

Team Space makes collaboration easy

All you need to stay organized, communicate easy and find documents you need fast. All this & more on Team Space.

Team Space is a collaboration tool used by associations to manage their activities, including:

  • Collaborative communication between members
  • Efficient account administration
  • Easy information distribution and publication
  • Manage, organize, and communicate with members & other partnerships/NGOs
  • Build and manage a presentation website as the main source of news
  • Public space
  • Showcase and keep the non-members engaged
  • Private sections

Associations exist to bring value to the members they serve. This value can come in various forms, including:

  • Network and build partnerships and relationships that can last a lifetime
  • Membership Directory & Online Community Forum
  • Discuss ideas, solve problems, and capitalize on opportunities
  • Access to exclusive resources
  • Gain visibility and exposure through membership
  • Making their voice heard
  • Build brand awareness by sharing expertise
  • Personal & business growth

Simplify your team workspace with powerful collaboration features.

Team Space makes collaboration easy

All you need to stay organized, communicate easy and find documents you need fast. All this & more on Team Space.

Document management

Team Space stores all your data in one single place.

  • Fast data tracking
  • Robust file sharing
  • Organized data
  • Powerful document search

Collaborative workspace

Connect world-wide people and data. Anywhere. Anytime. 

  • Message boards
  • Comments & replies
  • Wikis
  • Customized mailbox for specific topics

Enterprise-grade security

Worry-free collaboration for your team.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Secure transfer of sensitive data
  • Configured user role & permissions
  • Protected digital workplace

Frequently Asked Questions

What does exactly Team Space mean?

A team space is basically a virtual workspace available on the Internet.  It can be hosted on our servers to collaborate effectively with co-workers or partners worldwide.

Team Space is the name for our collaborative platform. Every workspace created using the Team Space software is called a tSpace. In one tSpace you can create unlimited number of projects with different team members.

Can the Team Space software be customized and adapted according to our specific needs?

Yes, we provide individual developments and customized tSpace versions on demand.

Whatever you need, we can make it happen. We are confident that we can design and deliver it. We await your challenges!

Can I use the Teams Space solution on one of my own servers?

Yes. We can install the software on any server with Internet access around the world. Please contact us for this subscription.

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