User Guide

Welcome to the TeamSpace user guide 👋

Here you will discover all features and get into all the functionalities for improved team collaboration. Let’s go!

Project overview

Be it document management, project management, or tasks, you get to keep your work organized and under one single roof – TeamSpace.

And yes, you can have multiple projects with a distinct set of members, their respective roles in that project, and even customized message groups! Each project can be individually configured considering the enabled features in your space. This characteristic provides you with a lot of flexibility to set up your workspace, and manage what users are allowed to collaborate on each project.

You can create an unlimited number of projects in TeamSpace.

Features overview

TeamSpace offers a set of collaboration features meant to help you and your team collaborate efficiently. Please choose from the list the feature you want to learn more about.

Popular Topics Description
Start Page Discover your dashboard.
Main dashboard A space overview dashboard with fast access to all your projects, announcements, and activities.
Project dashboard A single overview dashboard with fast access to all your announcements, and activities within that certain project.
Plan (project management) Create, assign, manage, and track all your tasks and subtasks in TeamSpace. Make the most of the tree view for easier visualization for all your tasks and to-dos. Kanban visualization too!
Milestones Feel free to define the project milestones that you need to help plan, execute, and track your project progress.
Messages Create private and public message groups, and manage mailing lists.
Documents (document management) A central space where you can easily use the tree view to see, move, add, edit, delete all the documents and attachments within a project.
Wiki Create and manage a wiki to collaboratively document and share information.
Calendar Display your work and view calendar entries.
Links Copy, create, edit links and add bookmark links.
Teams Manage user access and permissions in TeamSpace.
Contacts A single source of truth for all your contacts and the users within a project.
Recycle Bin Where deleted files or folders are temporarily stored. Here you can recover the deleted files.
Settings Edit, update or modify the configuration of your project. The access to this section restricted, only to the admin or/and the space owner.