Team Space for Organizations

Your organization accommodates tens or hundreds of users, multiple projects, and clients?
Focus on your business and let the experts do the hosting for you.


Data and knowledge are the essence for each organization and must be protected. We deploy on our cloud a dedicated Team Space for your organization with full access to all settings.
All data and processes are physically separated to other instances.


Give your team an environment designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration

Unlimited Projects

It’s easy now to control all processes, workflows in a central space, without having to think about costs.

Unlimited Users

Our pricing structure is adapted to the current business conditions, you no longer have to worry about the number of users, there is no limit. 

Unlimited Templates

Define unlimited number of document templates, create a library of template documents that allow you to strengthen the way you work and increase the efficiency of your teams.

Integrations and apps

Accelerate your workflow by using integrations with Google and Microsoft.

100G File Storage

Get 100GB storage so you can upload all your important files without having to worry about space.

99.9 % Uptime

We aim to maintain a 99.9% uptime service level commitment providing you the assurance that your organization will not experience lengthy disruption. 

Audit Logs

Generate audit log reports for increased visibility into what actions users are taking in your account. Report on specific parameters such as logins, failed logins, changes to items such as tasks and more.

Multitenancy and Scalability

Create a separate virtual Team Space for each enterprise branch or department. Team Space can be scaled for large teams. Even if you have thousands of users!

Administration and Customisation

Manage your Team Space using an intuitive control panel. Personalize it with built-in color themes, replace logos, titles, links.

Data Security and Control

We provide a comprehensive range of security tools and services, keeping your data safe on all fronts. Activity tracking, audit reporting, and more. 

You need Team Space

Encourage collaboration and achieve your most ambitious business goals! With Team Space for Organizations you automatically get the support of qualified specialists, as well as world-class security to keep you data safe and protected.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

You’ll be assigned a single point of contact to help you align your business processes with our products, provide tailored training and oversee technical onboarding.

You’ll get hands-on support to ensure you’re achieving your business goals.

Customized training and onboarding

Get bespoke training for any of the Team Space products and build expertise within your company to ensure optimum operational efficiency.

By giving your team the resources to learn best practices and optimize their workflows, you can ensure improved efficiency and output from the beginning.

Priority Support

Get the most out of your technology investment with access to priority support from our technical support experts. Any issues you or your team encounter will be prioritized and swiftly resolved.

Contact us by phone, live chat, or email — whatever your preference, your issue is our priority.

Enterprise-grade security you trust

Nothing is more important to us than the security of your data. We use leading technologies as well as industry best practices to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and security of everything you store in Team Space.

Two-factor authentication

Verify the identity of all users through two-factor authentication before granting access to any of the Team Space products.

Single sign-on

One set of credentials across multiple products. Make switching between apps easier with an integrated SSO solution that doesn’t compromise on security

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted both in-transit and at-rest for keeping it secure at all times.

Network access policy

Restrict access to Team Space to specific IP addresses that have been approved by you and your team.

Dedicated support for organizations

Organization Support is our customer support offering designed for organizations that run Team Space in business-critical environments. You get reliable, high-touch support from senior support engineers, highly-trained to diagnose and solve complex technical challenges that might occur in your environment.

Please contact us for more information.

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More control, security and support

EU Hosting

We provide organizations with the option to host data in our EU data centers.

Dedicated Database

Your data are hosted on your own dedicated database for more robust security and the ability to create and control the keys used to encrypt your data. 

Audit Logs

Generate audit log reports for increased visibility into what actions users are taking in your account.

Selective Sharing

Reduce the risk of data exposure by restricting access levels across products.

99.9% Uptime

We aim to maintain a 99.9% uptime service level commitment providing you the assurance that your organization will not experience lengthy disruption. 

Password Policy

Enable the option to force all users to use high-security passwords with enforced password policies.

Dedicated Enterprise Infrastructure

Your Enterprise database and application infrastructure is isolated from standard user databases as well as application servers that are isolated from standard user servers.

Data Deletion

Permanently delete all of the data on your organization’s Team Space sites. 

Security Certifications

We have the best-in-class information security standards – ISO 27001.

Focus on your business and
let us do the hosting

All features available, high security and professional support