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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information on Team Space and the plans we offer.
If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please contact us directly at support[at]tspace.eu

General information

What does exactly Team Space mean?

Team Space is the name for our collaborative platform. A team space is basically a virtual workspace available on the Internet.  It can be hosted on our servers to collaborate effectively with co-workers or partners worldwide.

Every workspace created using the Team Space software is called a tSpace. In one tSpace you can create unlimited number of projects with different team members.

Can Team Space be adapted to our corporate design and/or integrated in our web presence?

Yes, both options are possible. If you choose an enterprise version, we can adapt the workspace to meet your unique requirements in terms of corporate design and includes your own login page under your own address.

Can the Team Space software be customized and adapted according to our specific needs?

Yes, we provide individual developments and customized tSpace versions on demand. Whatever you need, we can make it happen. We are confident that we can design and deliver it. We await your challenges 😉

Are all Team Space modules and features automatically included in?

Yes, all functionalities are included in every tSpace.

How do I get support if I have any questions or a problem?

There is a comprehensive online documentation that includes advice for every section/page you find in a tSpace. For assistance, you can also contact our support by e-mail or telephone as defined on your subscription plan.

Can I keep the data of my tSpace test workplace if I decide to buy the subscription?

Yes, you can simply transform your subscription from Free Forever to one of the cloud available ones. All data and members are saved, and no previous work or data is lost.

Read more details, here.


How to subscribe to tspace.eu ?

Simply go to our pricing section and choose a plan that works for you best. The system will then guide you through the whole process and your tSpace will be immediately available in full capacity.

Are there any additional costs for the online tSpace besides the fees for team members and disk space?

No, you only pay for the chosen limit of permitted members and disk capacity. The amount is due in advance corresponding the accounting period (1 or 12 months term).

What is the maximum number of users and disk space I can subscribe for a tSpace?

Limits are defined at the tSpace cloud package level. Please check at my.tspace.eu.

Do you provide a discount for a 12 months subscription?

We offer discounts when you choose billing cycles for 12 month. Please check the pricing page.

Do you charge my credit card automatically for open amounts?

No, each transaction must be authorized and initiated by you. We do not charge credit cards automatically.

Does a subscription expire automatically or do I have to cancel it?

To cancel any subscription within your team’s administration on my.tspace.eu, we require a ten days’ notice in advance to elapse a billing cycle. If you do not cancel within this time scale, the subscription will continue for another billing cycle with the same costs.


Where are the servers located?

All our servers are in a high security data center in Romania and are well maintained by our highly experienced staff. You can access your tSpace workspace and data fast, from all over the world.

Do I have the same quality of access for my tSpace from all over the world?

Yes. Through conveniently locating our data center in the heart of Europe and within the modern infrastructure of Romania, we are able to provide the same fast and high quality access from Europe, the United States and Asia.

Can I use the Teams Space solution on one of my own servers?

Yes. We can install the software on any server with Internet access around the world. Please contact us for this subscription.

Can a server be also hosted by the tSpace?

Yes. We offer servers of different sizes and configurations. All of them are maintained and serviced by the Team Space Europe SRL.

Are there any additional cost for traffic?

No. Unlimited traffic is included in your subscription.


Will my data be secure?

Yes. We back up all data daily. Then all data is stored independently from the original server and kept for a minimum of seven days.

Please access our Legal section or read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to see how we protect all your data.

What can I do if I accidently delete an item or a file?

Please contact our support as soon as possible. Send us an email at support[at]tspace.eu

 Invoice / payments

How do I get my invoice?

Each new invoice is available as a PDF file. The invoice is available for the Team Space administrator specified within the my.tspace.eu. If a new invoice has been created by the system, the PDF will be stored inside the my.tspace.eu and the team administrator will receive a copy by e-mail. All past invoices are also conveniently stored in the my.tspace.eu platform.

How much do I have to settle an open invoice?

All invoices must be settled directly by credit card at maturity.

What are the payment options?

You can pay online directly in the my.tspace.eu by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Alternatively, customers from EU can pay via bank transfer. The Enterprise server license can only be paid by making a bank transfer within 30 days after the due date.

How can I change my billing data?

These changes can be made in the my.tspace.eu by the Team Space administrator.

 Access/ Log in

Where & how do I log in my tSpace?

You can either use the login dialogue on our web pages or the auto login link, which is sent to you together with your access data by e-mail.

Enterprise server users are able to log in via their own customized login pages.

I forgot my login credentials. How can I retrieve them?

Just go to the page entitled ‘Forgot password?’, or click here. Insert your e-mail address and the system will automatically send you all logins that belong to that address.

Important: Passwords are known strictly by the user. You are unable to obtain your login from our support staff, but only directly from the system itself.

How can I change my login data?

You can change password at any time in your personal settings form your tSpace.


Can I preview a document before opening it?

Yes. On the document management module you can preview the documents before opening. Simple, right?

Can I edit documents online?

Of course. No more limitations while editing your text documents online: enjoy 100% view, conversion, print and pagination fidelity; work with files of any size and complexity; use the enhanced set of formatting tools right from your browser.

Team Space has integration with ONLYOFFICE Document Editor supports all popular formats: DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT, PDF, HTML.

Can I create new documents?

You can create new documents from the web interface with extension: DOCX, XLS and PPTX.

I can open a spreadsheet document?

Ease and automate your calculations online open, view, and edit .xlsx, .xls, .ods, and .csv files, and save spreadsheets as a PDF. Macros are not available.

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