Enterprise on-premises

Deploy on-demand software in your own environment

Full customization for enterprise projects

The only collaboration workspace your team needs to achieve maximum productivity

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

You’ll be assigned a single point of contact to help you align your business processes with our products, provide tailored training and oversee technical onboarding.

You’ll get hands-on support to ensure you’re achieving your business goals.

Customized training and onboarding

Get bespoke training for any of the Team Space products and build expertise within your company to ensure optimum operational efficiency.

By giving your team the resources to learn best practices and optimize their workflows, you can ensure improved efficiency and output from the beginning.

Priority Support

Get the most out of your technology investment with access to priority support from our technical support experts. Any issues you or your team encounter will be prioritized and swiftly resolved.

Contact us by phone, live chat, or email — whatever your preference, your issue is our priority.

Custom Branding

Customize your team workspace and align it with your brand identity. A branded workspace easily connects your employees and aligns them to your organization’s core values, increasing their productivity.

Enterprise-grade security you trust

Nothing is more important to us than the security of your data. We use leading technologies as well as industry best practices to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and security of everything you store in Team Space.

Two-factor authentication

Verify the identity of all users through two-factor authentication before granting access to any of the Team Space products.

Single sign-on

One set of credentials across multiple products. Make switching between apps easier with an integrated SSO solution that doesn’t compromise on security

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted both in-transit and at-rest for keeping it secure at all times.

Network access policy

Restrict access to Team Space to specific IP addresses that have been approved by you and your team.

Do more with TeamSpace

Security, flexibility, and resources your enterprise needs

Unlimited Projects

It’s easy now to control all processes, workflows in a central space, without having to think about costs.

Unlimited Users

Our pricing structure is adapted to the current business conditions, you no longer have to worry about the number of users, there is no limit. 

Unlimited Templates

Define unlimited number of document templates, create a library of template documents that allow you to strengthen the way you work and increase the efficiency of your teams.

Integrations and apps

Accelerate your workflow by using integrations with Google and Microsoft.

Deploy on-demand software in your own environment with Team Space

All features available, high security and professional support