Take your team collaboration to the next level

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We proudly announce the official release of the T-Space platform, an invaluable tool for team collaboration.

We built this collaboration software with one goal in mind – to help employees, customers, partners work collaboratively, thus significantly better.

When our typical day at the office meant sending lots of emails, leave voicemails and notes every time our team wrapped up a part of a project or we had to make sure that the right people got the right information we concluded that it was about time to simplify our team work. How?

We developed T-Space, an easy-to-use collaborative platform equipped with all you need to track a project from kick-off to launch. The flexibility and the intuitive features of the app are the key to your team’s improved collaboration and productivity. Our goal is to empower teams and elevate productivity.

Think of it this way – regardless the size of the team or project you manage information with great ease. Everything is organized, accessible anytime and anywhere. You’re just a click away to find out what’s new on your dashboard.

What do you actually do with T-Space?

    • Get organized.

T-Space is a very efficient tool to stay super-organized, reduce unnecessary meetings and simply get things done.

    • Stay in control.

With T-Space, you know how things are progressing at all times.

    • Keep IT Simple.

No more searching through emails or attachments and no more unnecessary meetings to attend. Find all your files, comments, updates in one place.

    • Keep track of the project.

You’ll always know where your project stands. Check milestones anywhere, anytime!

    • Real time status updates.

Working remotely or running late? Update your status so that productivity is not affected.

    • Customized access.

Add a whole new level of communication for teams with our advanced privacy feature.

But wait there’s more! You can also see the big picture of your ongoing projects by accessing the Milestones section. On boarding new colleagues is super-easy using just an invitation. You can create a new mailbox for every project, so sending information or sharing files for a specific project has never been easier!  You can drag and drop multiple files at once.

T-Space helps our team work efficiently, collaborate easily and get things done. Plus, it’s extremely simple and intuitive.

What are you waiting for?