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There is one way to turn a chaotic project into a manageable one and that’s an excellent collaboration tool for the team to access.

Everybody wants to feel productive and know that their work makes a difference but sometimes goals on paper do not match in application affecting the team’s productivity and results.

This is where Team Space steps in.

Team Space is equipped with all you need to track a project from kick-off to launch. The flexibility and intuitive features of the app is the key to your team’s improved collaboration and productivity. Our goal is to empower teams and elevate productivity.

What does it mean to you?

For us here at Team Space it simply means taking on the common team and project collaboration challenges and turning them into scalable solutions!

Regardless of the size of the team or project Team Space embarks your team on a successful mission right from the start. Instead of using a wide range of tools, Team Space offers you the one solution for all your team and project collaboration challenges. You can keep watch on your ongoing project task, and collaborate with your team for any task. Your dashboard allows you to easily manage the activity of your current ongoing project.

What can you do with Team Space:

  • Monitor your project’s ongoing task(s)
  • Collaborate and communicate with your team
  • Check and finish project milestones
  • Read, reply, or comment on project messages
  • Share, collaborate, and improve your productivity
  • Latest activity on the timeline with details
  • Assign tasks to other users from the project
  • FREE trial, no limitations, no credit card needed.

Team Space helps your team stay goal-oriented!

Every professional environment is focused on delivering excellent results, on time, at no extra costs! To make that possible teams must stay in constant contact, communicate, organize, track, and achieve the results that the team strives for.

Team Space helps businesses analyze performance, reduce inefficiencies and manage the workload efficiently ensuring that the deadlines are always met. Engage and keep your team on track with easy-to-use, affordable collaboration software!

Ready? Set! Embark!